Doctoral Deluxe Faculty Regalia Specs.

Deluxe Doctor Gown Specifications 

Robe: Fully cut to fit even the fullest figure.  Geneva style front Panel of 4 velvet with 1 pleat on each side, giving a total width of 11 , and extending from the bottom of the gown over the shoulder and around the yoke.  Velvet front panels shall be interlined with a firm non-woven material so that the front will be straight and flat in appearance.  Each gown has a 28 lifetime unbreakable premium quality nylon zipper.  Balanced machine fluting in a ratio of 3 to 1 over the shoulder and across the back.  A pocket slit is located on the right side of the gown.  Hem is a correct 2 wide.


Fabric: The fabric is a medium weight 100% care free polyester woven in the United States by Milliken Mills.  This is an extremely durable and comfortable fabric that may be washed or dry-cleaned.


velvet: Genuine cotton backed high quality crush resistant velvet is used on the front panels and sleeves.


Yoke: Inner yoke is made from shrink proof non-woven fabric.  The yoke is made in the traditional academic style with 2 pieces and a center back seam.  A decorative cord is stitched down the center back of the yoke.


Sleeve: Is a true full bell style fully lined sleeve.  Sleeve size and length are graded according to the length.


Seams: All seams have overcast stitching for strength, appearance and edge protection.


Stitching:  Single needle and overcast stitching shall be at least 10 stitches per inch.  Only premium top quality American thread shall be used.


Sizing: The gown is normally sized in 3 increments and all measurements are graded accordingly.  Gowns can be cut to a specific length if desired.


Special Notes

The fabric used in our doctor gown is ideal in weight and comfort. Unlike doctors gowns of the past which were heavy and uncomfortable, we have designed this gown with the comfort of the wearer as a prime consideration. In the past, the sleeve bars were hand sewn to the sleeve.  Although hand sewing is an advantage for some types of garments, this is not the case for attaching the sleeve bars. Hand sewing is not very strong and is often the first thing to fail in a sewn garment. It is also costly and difficult to have done well.


We have done extensive testing on improving the method of attaching the bars to the sleeve.  We have found that fusing the velvet bars to the fabric gives the most satisfactory results. 


Fusing should not be confused with gluing. The fusing process actually bonds the genuine velvet to the fabric using heat and pressure.   It is a permanent bond and cannot be removed without an exceptional force, which would actually pull the genuine velvet pile apart. Fusing, although new to the manufacture of gowns, is not a new process. It has been in use for over 40 years in different forms.  The suits used in space travel are fused together. In the case of our doctors gown, it gives the velvet a better appearance by having it sit on top of the fabric, that is it has more relief or 3 dimensional effect.

Note: You will need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these order forms.

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