Faculty Regalia F.A.Q.'s

  What is included in a basic package?


What is the difference between your "better" fluted gown/hood, and the

"best" deluxe gown/hood?  (Also, see Master Regalia and Doctoral Regalia)

  "What is a tam and who may wear one?"
  "What do I do if I need something right away?"
  "How do I place an order?"
  "How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?"



"What is included in a basic package?"


The basic package comes with a black gown, cap, and tassel. You may choose the fluted (better) or deluxe (best), which dictates the quality of the gown only. The tassel will be degree color, unless you are a Ph.D., in which case it will be either Royal Blue or Old Gold, your choice.

The cap is a standard student-type mortarboard, one-size-fits-all, which many find suitable if they are required to attend only one occasion per year. For a nominal up charge, however, you may order our deluxe mortarboard instead, which has a padded crown, and is sized to fit. If you have earned a doctoral degree, then you may choose to proudly order a velvet tam.




"What is the difference between your "better" fluted gown/hood, and the "best" deluxe gown/hood?"  (Also, see Master Regalia and Doctoral Regalia)


Gowns:  Our fluted gown is fashioned from a high quality polyester matte, with front and back pleating. The Doctoral fluted gown's chevrons and front panels (trim) are of single-ply velvet, with open sleeves. It is moderately priced, yet still great quality, therefore many of our customers choose to order this one, along with a deluxe hood. All fluted gowns may be ordered in "full fit" sizes for a modest up charge.

Both the Master and Doctoral deluxe gowns are quite a bit heavier than the fluted. Our deluxe Doctoral gown is sewn of the highest quality polyester matte, also pleated front and back, with a button and cord on back. The Doctoral velvet trim comes in traditional black, but for a $35 upgrade, may be ordered with another trim color. Gowns with black and royal blue trim are usually in stock. The deluxe gown has a double collar, it's sleeves are lined bell sleeves gathered at the wrist; and it's trim is double-ply velvet. Stitching and finish on the deluxe are also superior to the fluted gowns. All deluxe gowns may also be ordered in "full fit" for a modest up charge.

Hoods:   Our fluted hoods have a single-lined polyester shell. Your alma mater's colors line the hood, fashioned of acetate. The Master fluted hood is trimmed in velvet, the Doctoral in single-ply genuine velvet.

The deluxe hoods have a double-lined polyester shell, with double-ply velvet degree trim. Inside, school colors are fashioned of satin, which hangs prettier, and keeps better than the acetate.




"What is a tam and who may wear one?"

A tam is similar to a beret, and may only be worn by professors with doctoral degrees. They are made of black genuine velvet and custom fit. (See picture of tam at Doctoral Regalia)

If ordering a tam or upgraded cap, please indicate either your cap size or your head size. Using a tape, measure the circumference of your head about an inch over your eye brow, snug but not too tight. Round size to nearest quarter inch. This size should be around 22 to 23 1/2 inches.  Examples of cap sizes are 6 7/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, etc.

Doctoral tams are available in your choice of six or eight corners and with Gold Bullion (metallic), black or royal blue  tassel. Generally, most professors seem to prefer the six-sided tam. Tassels are permanently fused onto your selected tam.




"What do I do if I need something right away?"

Most caps and gowns are in stock, but your hood will take 3-5 weeks to custom design and deliver.

For customers who are in a rush, we can often help by sending you a "loaner hood" right away! With a completed order for a custom hood, for a service fee of only $30, we will ship out a hood and guarantee the degree color, but not the school colors.

Your original hood will be in production, and your cap, gown, tassel, and loaner hood will ship out right away. When your loaner hood arrives, it will come with a prepaid mailer for ease of return. Once the loaner hood is received back by us, your original hood order will be sent out.




"How do I place an order?"

You may order via e-mail, fax, or "snail mail". You will need to
print out a copy of our order form to complete it. Payment may be made by Credit Card (preferred), personal check, or money order. Do NOT send cash. Your order will not be submitted until payment is made.

Please include ALL of the information on the order form, along with your credit card # and exp. date. Be sure to also include your telephone # and e-mail address in case we have any questions. Once we have processed your order, we will send you a reply via e-mail. 




"How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?"

Normally, orders take 3-5 weeks - from the time payment is received, until delivery. Usually, however, we are able to deliver your cap and gown much faster. As can be expected, during May, June, and November it often takes longer.

If you are in a rush, be sure to indicate a "date needed" on your order. If you are unsure whether we can deliver your gown soon enough, CALL US. If necessary, we can usually send a loaner gown to use for your ceremony. (
See above for info on loaner products)




TERMS OF SALE     Stock gowns, caps, and tams are fully returnable, if done so within 10 days of receipt
All custom cap and gown sales, including hoods, are final.
Hoods may be exchanged only in case of manufacturing defect or if colors are wrong.


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