Souvenir Gown Specs.

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Souvenir Graduation Cap and Gown





Traditional academic style.
With a broad one piece styled yoke.
Two wide front pleats, two smaller side pleats.

Surged (3 thread overcast) non-raveling seams.
One half inch hem on the bottom and sleeves.

Label – showing length of gown and height of person it is designed to fit.

Made from the same fabric as the gown.
Available with main school order for a minimal charge.

9” long with year date pendant.

Premium Quality Nylon “Jam proof” Zipper

“Jam proof”
Designed to prevent the edge of the gown fabric, where the zipper is sew
to the front of the gown, from getting caught in the slider.
If the fabric gets caught in the slider, it jams and will not open or close.
Sometimes the only way one can free a jammed zipper is with pliers.

Fourteen sizes from extra small to extra large in 3 inch increments. As well, + Sizes and Full Fits
are available in Short, Regular and Tall height, with 6’9” and over considered Full Fit.

Made from the same fabric and color as the gown.
Unisize, it automatically adjust itself to any head size from 6 ˝ to 8 ˝ inches.

Cap and Gown and Tassel are individually packed together in a plastic bag.

Please click here if you would like a FREE  information packet regarding our graduation products mail to you.

Millennium Colors Available  (shiny finish, colors may vary slightly from chart)
Red Royal Blue Sky Blue Rose Purple Gold Emerald Green Forest Green Maroon Grey (silver) Navy Black White















Not pictured above but available: turquoise


Freedom Colors Available  (matte finish, colors may vary from chart)
Red Royal Blue Forest Green Maroon Navy Black White









Note: You will need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these order forms.


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